Charitable Giving

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Welcome To Ethotrader

Ethotrader is an app designed to make the world a better place through everyday spending. Use Ethotrader to take a percentage of a purchase and donate it to a charitable cause that you are passionate about at no additional cost.

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1. Select A Charitable Cause You Care About

You choose the charitable organization or category, we take care of the rest. Whether you are passionate about solving world hunger or making sure your inner city is well taken care of, Ethotrader has you covered. 

2. Take a Picture To Link Your Card

Ethotrader maximizes your charitable impact when you spend. When you swipe your linked card, you automatically give to your charitable cause, tracked efficiently on the app.

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3. Keep Shopping At 

Your Favorite Places

Ethotrader allows you to make the world a better place without altering your spending habits. We partner with your favorite retail brands so you can confidently shop like you always do, knowing that your purchases are positively impacting the things that you care about.

4. Complete Unique

Charitable Missions

Ethotrader makes giving easy, free and fun. Discover ways you can support local people, projects and causes in your community through your purchases. Engage with unique charitable offers as you complete specific missions with your community to impact not only your city, but the world.

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5. Enjoy Regular Updates On Your Impact

When you spend, Ethotrader lets you know exactly how you are making the world a better place. Your app connects you with content that highlights the results of your generosity.

Pay It Forward, Without Spending a Dime